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From start to finish we are a total turn-key operation. We handle everything needed to complete your project.

  • Design – We will work with you to design a driveway that meets your needs, from the initial design to number of parking spaces required. We will ensure the radius is large enough for maneuvering and safety.
  • Survey – Our experienced survey crew will shoot elevations and establish the grade of the land. We will determine where the water will flow and, if necessary, determine how to “change the lay of the land” so water will not negatively impact your driveway.
  • Diagram – Folk Paving will revisit you with a diagram of the proposed work, showing all of the measurements and indicate the direction water will flow. This diagram serves two purposes: You, the customer, will know exactly what you’re getting, and Folk Paving crews will know exactly what their job entails. At the end of the day, there are no discrepancies.



If you have ordered a driveway, our excavation crew will grade (or regrade) your existing driveway, add stone where needed, compact it and pave it with high quality asphalt that has the correct slope and beveled edge. If you are installing a new driveway in a field, our crew will use the backhoe, dozer or loader to cut and remove all sod and fill, will install new stone, grade it, compact it and then pave with high quality asphalt. If necessary, the excavation crew will install pipes and swales to divert water and perform all basic preparatory work.



We pride ourselves in offering our customers reliable products and service. Our hot mix asphalt is a high-quality, petroleum product with locally mined and crushed aggregates. Our materials meet standards established by PennDOT, as well as standards set by local, state and federal governments. It’s not only the product you receive from Folk Paving, but it’s also the treatment you’ll receive from our experienced and courteous employees.

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